Our Calender

Of Course our Nightly Auctions  from 7-10pm est

M- $1 Style
T- Regular Style
W- $1 Style
T- Regular Style
F- $1 Style
S- Regular Style
S- $1 Style  

 January Giveaway -  100's of Fans are liking photos and pages as we speak!

Over $2,500 in prizes from over 140 Sponsors!

Last day to enter is January 31st  and winner's will be    
announced February 1st!  

February Giveaway will open Feb. 1st for fans to enter!  We are also still accepting sponsors!

This brings over 500 new fans to pages!

St. Patrick's Pot Of Gold Giveaway!

This is a special project of mine with over 40 sponsors!

Each sponsor or page has donated $5 and on March 1-17th fans will enter to win the pot!
It's already at over $250!

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