I'm pretty sure all moms have had those days where your choice of what is a yummy lunch is now "Lame" (my 5 yr. old son's new favorite word)  
So alas my go to lunch of quesadillas and applesauce was push aside yesterday after Pre-K.

But never fear because I am a WAHM, my laptop is always on, and my Droid is always close by!   To the internet I go!  

Finally I came across something that was "Cool" and somewhat easy to whip up.  Thank you PBS Sprout!  

After 5 minutes of hand scrubbing and 10 or so of actually "decorating", this Elmo face was a good treat even for my 1 year old daughter!  
No complaints or whining about cleaning the plate!  *miracle*

Off he went, me to clean up the work station of tomato sauce and cheese confetti.  

At least I got to eat the crust, another wonderful point to having kids!

But a complete terror on that spring diet!  -Grace


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