Product Reviews

If interested in Product Reviews you may contact me at

Process of product review

1 You select an item and send it to me
2 Once received your page will be featured in a product review album (it will be here permanently)
3 You will receive daily shoutouts about sales and how wonderful your items are
                Shoutouts will be based on the scale below

   Items Worth  ~~~ Days of Shoutouts
     $0-15                      5 Days
     $15-25                    7 Days
     $25-35                    10 Days
     $35 and up             please ask*

If interested please email with any ideas or questions you may have - Grace

1 comment:

Rylie said...

Hey I would like for u to do a product review it would be a tutu that cost 35-45 dollars how long would you do shout outs for please get back to me