March 2, 2012

                        Winner's List For February Giveaway


Winner's Must Contact Sponsor Within 72 hours To Claim Prize
So By Monday at 5pm est
Sponsor has 30 Days To Ship Prize

Congrats Everyone!  - Grace & Katee 

Sponsor Page Name        Winner's Name

Project Pomona           Chelsey Smith
Princess Kyra's Tutus   Alyson FreeBee
Lizzy Rae's Boutique   Victoria Moore
Porcupine Hollow       Della Pellegal
Brimming With Joy    Ginger Scharnhorst
J-Mae Creationz       Kristin Fowler
J-Mae Creationz      Marina Benitez
Organic Skincare      Alesha Lacovara
Food Mixes For You  Stephanie Nameche
Double Trouble         Jenna Keith
2 Cute Creations     Ashleigh Pfister
Rock - It Designs    June Soliday
Tutu Loo                 Tracie Duffield
All Dolled Up Creations    Jennifer Ebner
Krystal's Treasures     Cassie Imes
Honey's Crafty Creations   Jean Friars
Nella Bella's               Jo Unruh
Starfly Creations         Victoria Dunaway
Terri's Unique Bow-tique   Joanne Oswakl
Isn't It Lovely                 Jannie Bates
Pixie Stitch                   Alyssa Huddleston
Gumdrops & Lollipops   Stephanie Bastien
Frugalista Designs          Jenny Smith
Le Bebe Bowtique         Beth Thomas
Smocked Frocks           Destiny Coffman
Island Kissed Jewelry     Mary Silva
Ferly Girly Bows            Lisa Sullivan
Fuzzy Palz                      Shana Ische
Mandi's Bows               Erin Bateman
Bauble's n Bits               Brittany Wolf
Riki's Room                    Chelles Futch
Holliwood Designs           Ashley Nuns
Capturing Essence           Sarah Littlefield
Loopty Loop Bowtique    Mandy Brister
Killer Creations               Jessica McFate
Peterson's Children          Lisa Keeny
Fuzzy Wuzzy                   Jodie McNew
Catch A Little Dream       Jessica McFate
WAHM's Can                 Philicity Sivley
Avalon Flowers               Candice Pritchett
Sweet Threads Co.         Christina Bollinger
19 Elephants                   Stac Nevinger
Tantrum Hair                   Cassie Imes
Cotton Candy Totes        Kendra Henning
Avon By Regina               Vicki Majerik
RoxyFoxy                        Jennifer Stryker
Kim- Arbonne                  January Culleton
Bean Sprouts                    Jennifer Grandy
Make It Personal              Summer McCarthy
Make It Stick                   Shaylyn White
DB Stitches                      Jen Uber
MaddiesMomE                Victoria Moore
Look How Pretty              Amanda Henderson
Silly Goose Creations       Shaylyn Montoya
Blue Promises                  Dia Cook
Doodlebug Boutique        Mary Cabral
Lets Play Pretend             Jennifer Peterson
Posh Patches                    Scarlet Moeckel
It's Oh Sew Personal        Kayla Duvall
Story Is Yours                  Kahl Schneider
Little Princess Pretties       Melissa Moncreif
Pink Zebra- Amy Rose     Tracy Duffield
Sleep B Heads                  Jessica Atherton
RillaRose Designs              Abby Valdez
Lil' Purple Hippo               Mary Silva
Designs By Mollie             Audrey Griffis
Little Livie's                       Rebecca Lozano
Bow So Pretty                   Melissa Sanchez
Violets Are Blue                 Laura Gonzales
Pencil's To Picture              Ashley Crawford
DD's Personal Tee's            Sandra Kirgiz
Tianna's Tiaras                    Kelsey House
MaggieBelles                       Jordan Fisher
EPB Designs LLC               Tawni Kistner
Busy Bee's Bowtique           Bo Sengsiry
2 Peas In A Pod                   Kellie Frazier
Cheeky Couture                 Victoria Rodriguez
2 B's Boutique                     Tasha Stegall
Duck And Cover                 Christena Warner
Four Black Paws                  Katie Lewis
Kati's Crafty Knook              Myra Huffman
Cutie Patootie                       Darlene Wright
Andrea's Pacifiers Clips       Sarah Leatherman
GiGi's Boutique                    Tracie Murray
Something Chic Boutique      Jessica Rivera
Rhonda Hardin                      LeAnne On'Neal
Visual Jargon                        Bonnie Rodriguez
Sweetly Smocked                 Erica Wright
Tmmy Tickers                       Heather Rogers
Isabella's Boutique                 Danelle Facer
Peanuts and Pumpkins          Stac Nevinger
Patty Cakes and Polka         Angel Graham
Crafting Adventures              Amanda Nowak
Little Madame Magnolia       Mary Moss Cabral
JillyBug's                              Jessica Buhr
Jilly Bg's Boutique Net.         Hsel Butron
Tomboy Tools                      Chris Kirby
Customize Your Own Tutu    Amanda West
Izzys Boutique                       Candice Pritchett
Sarah's Baby Cake Shop       Bonita Adkins
Pristique Boutique                  Christina Havens
Endless Possibilites               Shirley Guillory
Stylish Steussy Bunn             Jenna Keith
Totally Rockin' Tutus             Adrienne Hayes
Margy's Endless Poss.           Codi Gardner
Lil' Chelsea Bunn                   Leann Hanson
Paisley And Polka Dots         Chelle Futch
ABC Crafts                            Jamie Land
Mark.A.Licious                      Katie Hadsell
SugarBakers                         Jennifer Victorian
Shay Designs                        Sarah Buystomuch
Bowz Galore N More           Sheena Jackson
Baby Bands                          Jill Nikcevich
JennaBelle's                        Erica Wagenspack
Greatness Industry                Amanda Salmon
2 B's Boutique                     Ashley Crawford
Vibrant Designs                   Katherine Kistner
2 B's Boutique                    Meged Wendt
Wickless Scent Sprinkles     Lissa Hearn
Little Dimples                       Lisa Belanger
Deal Seeking Momma          Scarlett Moeckel
Bowlicious Bowtique             Traccie Duffield
My Sweet Cheeks                Laura Gonzales
Pink & Blue Chic                  Dawn Smisek
Bottlecap Baby                     Melissa Dunaway
It's A Baby Thing                  Elaine Silva
TaDa Designs                       Joy Lewis
RazzFun Fashion                   Holly Allen
Hailey Bug Bowtique             Heather Mason
Ramblin Cowgirl                  Myra Huffman
Smiley Couture                    Katie Lewis
Phytotheraphy                     Jessica Atherton
EmAddieLe Creations         Sarah Lake
IMAQT Models                  Myra Huffman 
FuzzyWuzzy                        Christina Bollinger


phytotherapy said...

I didn't see who won the Phytotherapy body butter... =)

Anonymous said...

Wow Myra Huffman won 3 times, lucky girl

fuzzy wuzzy said...

I see 2 winners for fuzzy wuzzy, is this correct?

SAP said...

Fuzzy Wuzzy I only see one
Last name Bollinger I think

Alyson F. said...

I won! Yay! Thank you so much! Super excited!
Thanks to all the wonderful donors!