February 19, 2012

Life With Wyatt

Life With Wyatt

For anyone that knows a mom of a child (I'd assume) under the age of 5 you know that life can be pretty unpredictable. 
       Kind of like the saying about Texas weathers...give it 5 minutes and it will change. 
   Well, that is my life with my 3.5 year old son, Wyatt.  For me life revolves him and how my day is placed. 

Is my day going to be good? Ask Wyatt
If he's in a bad mood you'll know my day.  If he's bouncing off the walls...you'll know my day. 
Each of them ends up with me taking Tylenol by 4:00 and wishing that nap time still existed.

   Now don't get me wrong I love my son more than anything but some days I wonder why did I ever fantasize about having kids?  That I'd have these perfect little angels and that Mommy-hood was bliss. 

Yeah umm...right. Not. It is the hardest thing I ever had to do.  I sometimes wish I had a 9-5 job like my husband that can escape the insanity of our house and be around normal people and conversations. 

     Instead of the "Mommy can you...Mommy I need you..." the breakdowns...the dirt...the farts...the boogers...and the list could go on.  Motherhood is nothing like I had envisioned.  I never thought I’d have the child that would have a breakdown in the middle of Walmart or pick his boogers and then look at me and show me and then wipe them on MY jeans <gross>.   BUT for me I guess I needed this child that broke the mold of the child that I had in my head. 

   This child can be so hard and then in an instance he can be SO loving and give you kisses/hugs and tell you "I love you Mommy." I guess that's what makes it all worth it.  

   Well, it's not "I guess" it's "I know." I know that even though I own my own business and I pay taxes (side note *oh so fun*) and by the government standards I have a job...to me it's not a job. Wyatt keeps me employed.  If he wasn't here I wouldn't have a job.  I would have no alarm clock at 7:30 staring at me going "Mommy time to get out of bed" while pulling the sheets off of me.  I would have no to clean up after...after he's colored the walls that bright orange color or peed all over the bathroom while completely missing the toilets.  Or someone that I have to cook for...while I try to make him something appealing AND healthy he still prefers chicken nuggets and chocolate milk.  Last but not least something to look forward to the end of the day...that hug and kiss good night from Wyatt. 
     If he's not fast asleep I know I didn't do my job right by running his energy down and while also running me on low as well. 

    All that’s left of my energy is to push the DVR button and watch "The View" and "Ellen." I can't imagine my days being any other way! I'd probably have time to clean my house more and scrapbook or heck even read a book...but then again where's any of the fun in that? Life with a preschooler? 
Now that's pure entertainment!  

                                           Life With Wyatt is a Guest Post by Callie Chesnut
           A fabulous WAHM that's behind the camera of Personally You Photography
                                                                    Personally You Photography on Facebook 

Based in Santo, Texas she is the sole force behind hundreds of amazing photo sessions all while being a spectacular mommy to her photo asst. Wyatt!  

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Amy said...

Love your "Life with Wyatt" blog. I too have a Wyatt who is 3.5! He sounds just like your Wyatt. I work though so I get to escape his crazyness hehe. I just had my second. A girl thankfully lol. Definitely a handful with 2. Will be nice to have Wyatt go to school this year. You should get a break when your Wyatt goes off to school :)